Barnaby Joyce changes views on gay marriage after finding out it’s a slippery slope to marriage between man and beast.

Or in Barnaby’s case man and sheep.

The Stockton Times can reveal that Barnaby changed his stance after finding out that marriage between 2 people of the same sex leads to the one thing he’s been longing for his whole life as a closet New Zealander.

“Ever since i was young lad i’ve been told that the love i have for sheep is somehow not as beautiful as love between man and women”

“Now i realise that me and the gays are fighting the same fight. All we want is to be allowed to love who or what we want without people looking down at us”.

My Joyce was also critical of people who said that the way he makes love is somehow wrong or disgusting in the eyes of society.

“What do they know? A sheep is a beautiful creature. There’s such a softness in their wooley embrace.”

“Deep down we’re all just sheep in a way, trying to find a place to lay our heads and a place to blow our beans”

The Times contacted many people from the gay community and they were all expressed their desire to distance themselves from the views of Mr Joyce.