Studies reveal that not only are women just as funny as men, they’re actually funnier.

Professor Stacey Bants from the University Of Queensland has spent years researching the topic and says that women’s humour has gone unacknowledged for so long due to it’s deep and many layered aspects.

“It was commonly believed that men only laughed at women’s “jokes” in order to please them and hope to get laid” she said.

“But now we’ve found out that women actually operate on a much deeper level and their “jokes” are actually too deep for the average man to understand”

“When a man actually understands the joke it is regarded as being far funnier than anything his sex could come up with”

Local Professor Peter Cuck also agrees with the findings and said his wife makes him laugh all the time.

“I’m probably a bit more in touch with my feminine side compared to the average man but my wife pleases me with a joke all the time”

“at least once a month”