Feminists at pro abortion rally use bright signs and catchy song lyrics to get their message across.

The Melbourne rally was full of people from all walks of life but unattractive single women seemed to make up most of the crowd.

One such woman, Tammy Welbeck, said the easiest way to get their complicated message across was by waving and chanting catchy slogans and modified song lyrics.

“We feel like abortion really is a simple issue and all this shouting and marching really helps give us the attention we’re after”

Her creative and glitter decorated sign read “it’s my baby and i’ll kill if i want to” and was particulary catchy.

While “kill my baby one more time” also rang out amongst the crowd

When questioned on the morality of the issue Tammy was unpolegetic and said she spoke for the entire female community on the issue.

“All we’re fighting for is for women to be allowed to do whatever they want whenever they want”

“Is that really so much to ask for?”