Brisbane scientist fired for purposely sabotaging cancer research

Tom Huong admitted to the sabotage and said he did it in order to prevent himself from losing his job once a cure was found.

“Finding a cure is all i know. It’s the only work experience I’ve got” said Mr Huong outside the QIMR Berghofer research center in Brisbane’s Bowen Hills.

“If we find a cure then I’m done. I’d have to find some other job and i really liked it here.”

“My co-workers were extremely diligent and i had a feeling they were on the brink of something big so i mixed up all the samples and confused the hell out of everyone”

“It set us back years”

My Huong said the incident didn’t go down too well with his other co-workers.

“To be honest i don’t know why they were complaining. I did it for them as much as me. This way they will have a job for a while longer”

“Unlike myself”

“I’m the real victim if you really think about it”