Road rage incident in Brisbane after motorist didn’t return friendly wave

The attacker, Tim Robbins, who grew up out near Toowoomba said he was driving along coronation drive in peak hour traffic when he stopped to allow another vehicle to pull into his lane.

Tim allegedly waved him in as is customary out west but didn’t receive a wave in return.

“That cunt didn’t even look me in the eye”

“What’s the point of doing something good if you don’t get a thanks in return?”

“He didn’t raise his little fingers off the wheel. Nothing”

“So i rear ended the cunt and that got him waving his arms pretty quickly I’ll tell you that”

After pulling over it is believed Mr Robbins berated the other driver, Glenn Close, until he apologised for his actions.

“How was i supposed to know he was some backwards country boy who waves at everything that passes by?”

“Those damn country folk are so starved for human contact that even a slight raising of the fingers gets them off”

“And if you don’t get them off they start fuming”