Manager sets office staff back hours after deciding to get involved

A Sydney advertising firm was left picking up the pieces today after the manager of the company decided to remind his staff of who is exactly in charge of the place.

Low ranking administration clerk Lisa Flemington was more than happy to go on the record and said it was not an uncommon occurrence.

“Every few weeks we get a visitor from out of town and as soon they walk in the door the boss feels the need to start swinging his dick around, giving orders.”

“Before we know it we’re doing some irrelevant task that can set us back days”

“It doesn’t realise this place runs perfectly fine when he just sits in office watching you tube videos”

The Times was also led to believe that the situation was made worse by the fact that the office visitor was the good looking regional manager.

“We all know the boss is struggling through a loveless marriage that’s always on the brink of divorce” said one employee who didn’t want to be named.

“So anytime there’s even a whiff of an attractive skirt around the place he starts barking orders like a frothing, rabid dog.

“Before you know it we’re doing overtime to make up for it”