Men’s cricket team now includes at least 5 women in order to prove it’s not a sexist organisation.

Australia captain Meg Lanning was thrilled with the news and said it was a great step towards equality in the workplace.

“Men’s cricket teams have been a boys club for too long and it’s about time we stopped picking teams on talent and started picking them on gender” she told The Times.

The news comes after the Channel 9 commentary team was criticised for not including enough women for their upcoming ashes broadcast.

Channel 9 CEO Hugh Marks said the times are changing and it’s important to pander to people’s wishes.

“What we’ve found is that people don’t care about expertise or experience when it comes to sports commentary” he told The Times.

“We thought the perfect people to commentate on the upcoming Men’s ashes series would be past ashes players.”

“We thought they would provide great insight into previous campaigns.”

“But we were wrong”

“It turns out that women who have never played in a Men’s ashes series are way more qualified and we plan on rectifying our mistake”