Feminist takes a day off from being oppressed and makes her boyfriend a sandwich

Susie Black can yammer away like the best of them but today she took a day off from blaming all her problems on society and men and made her boyfriend a ham and cheese sandwich.

The sandwich was gratefully accepted by her boyfriend, Tom Parsons, who double checked the sandwich for any kind of contamination before devouring it.

“I couldn’t fucking believe it” he said.

“Normally she spends all her time going on about the wage gap and how men are the reason she can’t get a promotion”

“But for some reason she forgot about all that today”

Ms Black said she couldn’t explain what came over her but it felt good to have a day where she didn’t feel oppressed and enjoyed the experience of making her man a sandwich.

“I woke up this morning and realised making sandwiches wasn’t the evil symbol of oppression I thought it was” she said.

“It’s actually just two pieces of bread and some meat”