Poverty still widespread in Africa despite young white people volunteering their expertise

One volunteer, Josie Harris, who’s parents are both doctors said she traveled to Kenya for 4 weeks in order to do “whatever it takes to help out those Africans” she once saw on a tv advertisement.

“It was just so rewarding you know”

“To see them struggling like that really made me feel better about my own life”

“I mean they didn’t even have a floor. We just slept on the dirt and ate weird beans”

“it really made me glad that i was born here”

Volunteer organiser Peter Rort said it was a good experience for the young generations to experience what it’s like to have nothing.

“It also shows how much they care about poor people”

“they can take photos with them and post them onto their social media accounts and that really shows how much they care”

“plus the locals love them and don’t mind having another mouth to feed”