Insecure bloke makes silence awkward by referring to it as such.

A thoroughly enjoyable time among a group of mates became uncomfortable today after 1 bloke referred to a gap in conversation as an awkward silence.

It is believed 5 mates were enjoying a beer when one of them made a poignant point about society that left them all in a reflective and contemplative mood.

The point was lost on Tim Parker though who thought everyone was silent due to something inappropriate being said and felt the need to make a joke.

“well this is awkward”

That sentence apparently had the intended effect as the rest of the group snapped out of contemplative thoughts and turned their heads from the sunset in the distance to their idiot mate.

One of the mates, Christopher Hansun, was typically annoyed at losing his train of thought and the feeling among the group.

“I love the bloke but he’s such a dumb cunt sometimes”

“Sometimes the rest of us like to sip our beers and relax”

“Even a 10 second gap in conversation is enough to have him saying some dumbass thing”

“it’s even gotten to the point were we talk just so he can relax”