Morcombe’s announce retirement from lucrative public speaking tour

Bruce and Denise Morcombe first rose to fame and fortune after they turned the abduction of their son into a successful TV career.

The TV gig proved so popular that they decided to take the show on the road and give talks about child safety.

Bruce Morcombe, who has a current net worth of 1.7 million, said he was the perfect person to tours schools explaining how to not get abducted seeing as how he once had a son who was abducted.

“Losing a son made me highly qualified in how not to lose a son”

“For instance don’t leave them at some shady bus stop in some shady part of town”

It’s good advice from Bruce but now that the tour is over he says it’s time for him to put his feet up and live off the substantial profits of his numerous TV appearances.

“I think it’s time we stopped reliving that whole experience for the sake of the TV cameras”

“Of course getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to go over the whole thing makes it a little easier”

“But i think we’ve flogged that dead horse long enough”