Kim Jong Un to Donald Trump “Small hands don’t make a big button”

Kim Jong Un has hit back at U.S. President Donald Trump today after the president said he had a much bigger nuclear button than the North Korean leader.

It’s widely been interpreted as a penis sledge with Asians having a notoriously small penis.

Mr Trump has repeatedly made it known via twitter that he’s got a massive hog on him and said any reports to the contrary were fake news.

“It’s long, got a nice red top, pushes into it’s hole nicely and always causes a massive explosion”

“Rocket man better look out”

Kim Jong Un hit back at the president saying any button would look big in the grasp of such a small handed president.

“It’s like a cheerio sausage in the hand of King Kong”

“Very, very small”

War appears inevitable but at least we’ll die for something worth fighting for.