Ashes test turns pink to remind us of horrific disease tearing families apart.

Every year the Sydney test match turns pink to raise awareness for a disease that everyone would forget about if not for the support of the cricketing community.

It’s impossible to criticise the event but our reporter managed to track down a real piece of work by the name Tom Doust who wasn’t entirely happy with the pink makeover.

“I watch cricket to forget about the horrors of the world but it’s pretty hard to forget when even the scorecard is pink”

“Instead of enjoying the cricket I spend 7 hours thinking of some bald headed woman on a hospital bed after a mastectomy. While her husband tears up in a corner and begs a god he doesn’t believe in not to take his wife”

“Tell ya what, it’s bloody hard to enjoy Starcy ripping into the bleeding poms with that image in ya head”

“Even watching Davey Warner chase down a ball to the boundary like a greyhound after a rabbit can’t take my mind off things.”

We approached Channel 9 for a comment on the issue and received the following statement.

“We’ve found that people are able to forget about the heinous disease while the bread and circus goes on in the background. And they only feel sad when Glenn McGrath shows up and the commentators start prodding the viewers for emotion.”

“In our view that’s good enough”