Women divorces husband after horoscope hints at new love on horizon

Every morning Shirley Simpson makes herself a chai and reads her daily horoscope.

For the last 3 years it’s told her to keep on keeping on and everything would be okay but this morning things were different.

“I opened the paper and there it was in black and white”

“A new love right around the corner if only I have the courage to follow my desires”

“I dumped my husband right away and now it’s only a matter of time before my new love turns up”

Shirley was also steadfast when asked if she was worried about leaving her fate in hands of a woman wearing a gypsy head dress who makes up destinies for a local paper.

“I don’t think Madame Palmer has ever been wrong about my future”

“Just the other week it said I was going to get a new puppy so i went out and got one”

“How did she know i was going to do that?”

Her husband, Ben (34), is also an avid astrology fan and took the news calmly.

“We were great together and cared about each other deeply but you can’t argue with the stars”

“Plus my horoscope mentioned I’m compatible with a Gemini or a Virgo and Shirley was a Capricorn”

“There’s just no fighting something like that”