Golden Globe viewers thankful, “At least we’re not Hollywood celebrities”

A List celebrities have worn black at the Golden Globes today to let everyone at home know how bad they’ve got it.

It was a brave move from the Hollywood stars and was used to highlight sexual assault in their industry, and their industry only.

Oprah Winfrey said it was great that people in Hollywood finally had a voice, despite being in an industry where billions of people listen to everything she says.

“We need everyone to know that sexual assault is rampant in Hollywood”

“I’m not sure if it happens everywhere but it’s horrible here”

“As a billionaire media magnate i used to feel so powerless but not anymore”

It was a sentiment echoed by everyone in the room with Kate Winslet confirming just how hard it is to be a Hollywood star.

“I don’t think people at home realise how bad we’ve got it”

“I mean does sexual assault even happen outside of Hollywood?”

“I mean i’m sure it happens to normal people as well but I’ve never read about it”

TV viewers at home felt horrible for the beautiful stars as they pranced around in their million dollar dresses and were glad they didn’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity.

We caught up with crime and sexual assault expert, Laura Briggs, to help shed some light on just how bad celebrities have it in Hollywood.

“Statistically speaking Hollywood has an incredibly low rate of sexual assault compared to the outside world”

“For instance Hollywood has tens of thousands of people working there but only 3-4 sexual predators”

“This is unbelievably low compared to every other profession but we’ve found that 1 assault in Hollywood is equivalent to thousands in the outside world”

“When you look at it like that the numbers all balance out”