Trump livid as North and South Korea discuss peace without him

Dialogue between between North and South Korea has opened up in recent days with avid sportsman Kim Jong Un expressing a willingness to send athletes to the Winter Olympics held in Seoul.

President Trump was unhappy with the friendly talks between the two countries and lashed out on twitter saying it would jeopardise months of Presidential work.

“I’m not going to sit back and let these two Countries sort out their differences and undo all the hard work I’ve put into promoting this war.”

“If South Korea want to be friends with the North then fine. But they can forget about our help”

“We plan to go to war with someone over there and you’re either with us or against us”

Reports from Korea indicate the peace talks are a deliberate ploy to annoy Trump, with one Government spokesman saying that even peace was worth it if it meant upsetting him.

The games are already being seen as a win in North Korea with media outlets reporting their athletes are favourites to win every event they participate in.