Greens push for Medical Marijuana despite protests from dealers on the streets

The Green’s have faced a backlash from voters today after the nation’s weed dealers warned legislation would spell the end of their livelihoods.

Declan Ladd, from Sydney’s western suburbs said it was just like the Government to come in and destroy a working man’s source of income.

“I hustle hard for my coin and now the big guys want to come in and take it all away”

“This is all I know man. I’ve got 4 kids to feed and this tattoo across my face means McDonalds sure as hell won’t be taking me back.”

Declan said selling weed was a major source of income for many in the Western Suburbs and legalising it would be disastrous for the close knit community.

“I’ve got contacts with people all over the city. I offer a personal touch, not like big Governments who only care about your money and then leave”

“You see that tweaker over there? That’s my own sister. This is a family business and i’ll be damned if I sit back and let corporations run me out of town.”

Declan’s job seems safe at the moment though, with a Government spokesman saying they had no intention of allowing grown adults to make up their own minds about whether they smoke weed or not.

“If we say you’re not allowed to smoke weed then you’re not allowed to smoke weed”

“We are very interested in knowing more about the whereabouts of Declan though”