Huey in hot water after roast chicken says it was inappropriately marinated in 1998

Ian “Huey” Hewitson has had to defend his reputation today after a roast chicken said it was the victim of an inappropriate marination technique on an episode of Huey’s Cooking Adventures.

The chicken was a guest on the show back in 1998 and claims Heuy went too far went it came to seasoning the bird with stuffing through it’s anal canal.

“Normally a chef would only insert a few fingers and glide the stuffing up but Heuy went the whole hog”

“Before i knew it he was in there up to the fist and flailing me around like a female jogger”

“I still can’t forget the way he was salivating at me as i spun on the rotisserie”

Huey vehemently denied he went too far and said every chicken knew what they were getting into when they came onto the show.

“It’s just the way things were done back then.”

“It’s only in the last few years that we’ve realised that food has feelings too and should be treated with the utmost respect.”