Sydney cemeteries cleared to make way for apartments as property prices soar

Some of the most sought after real estate in Sydney will soon be up for grabs as city Councillors voted to clear the graves and replace them with much needed apartment blocks.

Rookwood cemetery in Sydney’s west will be the first to be cleared and will be replaced by a 16 storey, 200 million dollar unit complex built by Adco constructions.

CEO of Adco constructions, Bob Hill, said it was high time the city made use of the prime real estate.

“For too long the dead have had some of the best views in the city while the living commute 90 minutes to work each day”

“Our statistics indicate Sydney’s housing crisis would be solved tomorrow if every graveyard in the city was turned into a place of living rather than mourning”

Not everyone was happy with the move with Sydney priest, Josh Stanton, saying we’ve buried our dead since we were created and there’s no good reason to stop now.

“Ever since we came from the Garden of Eden we’ve felt the need to bury the dead before sending them off to meet God”

“To turn this grave site into a useful place to live is disrespectful to the bones in the ground and I’m sure if they were still alive today they’d want to continue being an inconvenience to the living.”

“Besides, what better way to remember your lost ones than chucking them in a wooden box and lowering them down into the worms and then driving past it occasionally.”

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  1. This is so ridiculous people paid good money to have there loved ones there and but profit over peoples loved ones is so wrong some one should starr a petition to stop this from going ahead.

    1. I agree with you Michael i think the person that allows this to happen i think his loved ones wherever they are buried should be the first ones to go

      1. Well said. The cemetery where my parents buried also sent us the idiotic letter, that they want to take off all the greens from the grave and put some plastic flowers instead.
        I pay $200 per 1 grave maintenance annually ($400 for both). And now they are planning to make this bizarre. And this is a private cemetery. There is nobody I can complain. Everybody do what they want. Ridiculous and disgusting!

  2. This is just disgusting. We’re sick of greedy people wanting good land that family has owned for years. We have buried our family and friends there for centuries. They first put a road through the so called poorer graves. Then now they want to build on it. Hope the dead come back and haunt you all.

  3. – – Helping the living – –
    As long as two generations at least have past I see no wrong in this. A land grab it may seem but with the massive playing fields and cemeteries in and around the suburbs which account for a lot of space I see it as fit to re-use as housing development. As long as each establishment stands as a memorial to those buried there. A ‘Headstone’ or a multi story building…..

    1. So you think it is ok that my Grandparents and all my loved ones that are buried in Rookwood ,which our family paid good money for them to be place at REST, i.e. REST IN Peace !
      I think Rookwood should be declared a Historical Heritage site!
      Leave our families Alone. this is a Sacred place.

    2. You obviously have no one buried where they are going to build, it is so disrespectful… we not teach respect anymore. So mad about this!

  4. When it comes to money its no surprise what people will do.
    Its sad reality the lack of respect these people have..they probably have their own families friends buried there too and no regard for them.
    Unfortuatly in the world we live in money rules.
    I’m sure one day God will teach them a lesson cause it’s the only power that can literally overpower money without any explanation

  5. This is a joke isn’t, they can’t do this and sleep at night. This is just pure greed. My grandfather is buried there, it will break my Mums heart and her siblings. Rockwood is a part of Sydney’s long history. Iam totally in shock. Hope they all get haunted by the people they move. Where are they going to move all these coffins and headstones too anyway?

  6. There will be no way anyone is going to do this to my families resting place. We have so many of them there. Most of my mum and dad’s family. It is the place where we choose to lay them to rest and have for generations. The most recent being my own mum of only 69 years of age which my sister paid extra to be placed with our mum when it comes her time. We were told when it was purchased her grave would not be touched for a period of 100 years. That is their little piece of paradise. Leave us all alone and let us mourn our loved ones which is hard enough to do and cost a fortune to be able to do so.

  7. I total agree with June White everything she said about our families being able to be place with the other

  8. Are these councillors mental! My family are all buried there, this is wrong. How can this be stopped? I know a lot of other people, who have a lot of their family there as well. This is disgusting!

    1. Class action perhaps? There seems to be a few responding here with family resting in Rockwood. Form a group. Fight these insane councillors.

  9. My parents are buried at rookwood , They both deserve to Rest In Peace. I’m disgusted to think their final resting place will be replace with high rise apartments to fill the pockecs of the local council and developers . This should not be done we need to stop this.

  10. money is more important that families, or heritage, or the hurt and pain to those who believed their familes would stay.,, money is all to the council so remember that next election kick them all out. ,

  11. There is no respect in greed, this is horrific abuse of power.

    I would understand if the council “banned” new burials in certain areas due to the lack of land, but people have spent a lot of money to have “Thier place of grieving.”.

    I hope that this comes back to bite them in the arse. We all know how it worked out for the people who built over native American burial grounds.

  12. My grandparents are buried here.
    What happened to R.I.P and Sacred ground. Seems there is no such thing anymore.
    Greed takes place of common decency.


    My Dad’s & first of my Crew (Bestie/Love Line Sister) resting places are there. Even though I go to nature destinations to speak to them or wherever I am outdoors, still very upsetting to me!!!

    1. Aha. So you’re the one who told them about the article. My thanks!😊 They’ve posted on their FB page now telling people to disregard this appalling and offensive article. You’ve done your good deed of the week!😃

  14. Hello, is this for real? And does anyone know if they have yet begun moving the Badgerrys Creek cemeteries. It is said they have to go for a new Sydney International Airport. Nobody remembers the people buried at Badgery’s Creek. But my grandfather Cecil and his wife Queenie are buried at Rookwood and I say “they shall not be moved” … if I can help it. Who else would resist, please?

  15. Absolutely Disgraceful. How dare they even think about doing something so barbaric as that?

    Those people chose to be buried there, most chose their plot and BOUGHT their own piece of land of where THEY would like to be in their after life so THEY would be at peace and for those that were left behind be at peace knowing that their loved ones were where THEY wanted be.

    They are forcibly evicting tenants who cannot stand up and defend their own human rights and fight for their own land. History is repeating itself. They did it 230 years ago so what’s changed?

  16. Are you people a actually reading this, and thinking it’s anything other than a poor taste attempt at satire?
    Seriously.. did you even look at some of the links to other ‘headlines’?

  17. They’re moving father’s grave
    To build a sewer
    They’re moving ‘im regardless of expense
    They’ve dug up his remains
    To put in five inch drains
    To irigate some rich bloke’s residence

  18. To the piece of shit who wrote this crap article!
    I hope when it’s your time you get raped in your grave in every hole possible you inconsiderate cunt of a motherfucker!

  19. My father passed away on Father’s Day ain’t no one in my family just sticking in a box lowering and doing a divepast we visit every week
    A different family member on a different day , Talk about disrespect for the departed

  20. No damn way, that is just disgusting. I have no family there. but! that’s not the point, It shouldn’t matter, everyone in that cemetery, belongs to living families, and that’s for sure, I wouldn’t like that to happen to my family, if they were buried in there. Goes to show you, “MONEY TALKS” Grrrrr!

  21. My grandparents and great grandparents + my uncle’s parents, my sister-in-law, friends etc are all buried, this is an absolute disgrace, fight people for your family to stay in lay and peace

  22. this is BS by the way, not sure why anyone would write fake news like this. 200mil for a 16 story building?? 8 story building is about 30mil. so not sure if they are building golden elevators.

  23. This is not only disgraceful but disrespectful to both the deceased and the loved ones on so many levels. What is this world coming to, Ppl can be so bloody gready, instead of thinking of greed they should respect there rights of the deceased that are layed to rest past and present and leave them in there rightful place and in peace once and for all.

  24. For those so called construction companies that have a reputation due to title I therefore refuse to accept new buildings to be built on sacred land, as for you CEO, you think you can get away with showering money over people why cause you make a fortune, listen up child you are in the 7 deadly sins category and you happen to be the greed, so basically what you are telling people is that you are hungry for more money than you are already making, I would strongly advise you to look elsewhere for development and keep your dirty hands off that land otherwise those angry wolves aka the public will hound you down till kingdom come, so beware of your actions and think twice before making any suggestions in building anything especially in Rookwood. Have I made myself clear on that or should I run it by you once again …

  25. To the people who have responded with indignation and shock: please learn to read. Not just the words in the articles, but the words around the piece.
    Once you haved learned to recognize satire, you may also be able to identify other nonsense

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