People forced to live their own lives after U.S. government shuts down

The U.S. Government has shutdown many of its departments and services today after the senate failed to pass a funding bill.

It lead to widespread chaos and confusion with many American citizens saying they no longer knew how to feel about everyday activities and events without someone telling them.

George Patters, from the deep southern state of Louisiana, said he was lost without the Government controlling every aspect of his life.

“We had to start fending for ourselves. Thinking for ourselves. It was horrible”

“Without the Government I didn’t know if we were still supporting the troops or if the flag was still sacred”

“I didn’t even know if I was proud anymore cause there was no Government spokesman telling me to be proud”

Things are expected to be back to normal in few days and George said he was happy to relinquish all power and trains of thought to the 2 major political parties once things got back underway.

“All this proves is how reliant I am on a group of men in Washington and without them I’m lost”

“They need to put aside their differences and start saying they care about me again”