Netflix suing Anthony Rapp after his allegations against Kevin Spacey cost them 48 million dollars

The streaming service is attempting to recover some of the 48 million dollars lost after it was forced to drop Kevin Spacey from House of Cards in the wake of Mr Rapp’s allegations.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, said it was only fair that Anthony Rapp pay back some of the money he lost the company due to his allegations.

“The bottom line is he cost us a lot of money and we plan on arguing the case that if he kept his allegations to himself we’d be a whole lot richer”

“Or if he at least stayed quiet until House of Cards ended”

Netflix was also forced to drop the biopic movie Gore which starred Spacey and was based on the struggles Al Gore had while filming his acclaimed movie, March of the Penguins.

Mr Rapp responded in a statement saying he was sorry for losing Netflix money and would try to keep his allegations to himself in the future.

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