Bickmore accuses The Project of sexism after finding out Lisa Wilkinson earns more

Carrie Bickmore has left The Project and is set to join Karl Stefanovich on the Today show after she found out Lisa Wilkinson is on twice as much money.

It is believed Bickmore could find no good reason for the pay discrepancy so she fell back on the age old classic of sexism.

“It’s because men hired her. All the men are at the top and they keep hiring everyone” she told us while packing up that gold Logie she so thoroughly deserved.

“Why else would she get more money.”

A producer for The Project was quick to point out that Lisa Wilkinson had been around for twice as long as Bickmore and had twice as much renown.

“Women always want an excuse as to why they happened to fail. Just look at Lisa. The only reason we got her on The Project was because she thought Karl shouldn’t be on twice as much as her”

“Even though he was working on 3-4 shows and doing far more work than her”

“It’s lucky for us she thought she was a victim of sexism otherwise we never would have got her on The Project”

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