Tony Abbott vindicated as marriage loses all meaning just months after gay marriage vote

Tony Abbott has been proven right today after he warned gay marriage would lead to heterosexual marriage losing all significance.

The news comes after TV show Married at First Sight premiered and Mr Abbott said it was an indication that even conventional marriage was so longer the sacred thing he said it was.

“First we had gay marriage and now we’ve got TV marriage”

“This is exactly what happens when you don’t fight for good Christian beliefs”

“It’s a slippery slope and Barnaby will be marrying his sheep before too long”

Mr Abbot was a tireless campaigner for the no side and argued that marriage was a sacred thing between man and woman.

“What would God think if he knew people were getting married on TV for the sake of a social experiment. Marriage is sacred and must be followed the way God says”

This is despite the fact that for centuries marriage was little more than a business transaction where a woman was sold off by her parents for a dowry, or in most instances, livestock.

It is still uncertain why gay people fought for marriage equality considering it was little more than allowing the government into their love lives.

But even more confusing is why people fought against it.

Marriage at First Sight airs on Nine and is compulsive viewing for anyone interested in seeing how low TV has fallen.