Anthony Mundine announces boxing comeback as transgender woman

Australia’s favourite son has dropped a bombshell in the African jungle saying he’s transgender during an episode of “I’m a celebrity”

It comes after speculation was rife that a boxing comeback was on the cards as former boxing foe Danny Green also entered the jungle.

Mundine said the rumours were partially true but added his comeback would be as a woman and that he always identified as a woman.

“I think that’s where all my anger has come from over the years”

“It’s what happens when you deny your true self and I’ve always felt like a white woman in a black mans body”

Mundine hopes the transition will finally get him the respect and admiration he craves and hopes to serve as a role model to others.

“People used to give me a hard time for my controversial opinions but now they will have to choice but to look up to me and respect me.”

“I’ve always liked the idea of beating up woman in the ring and now I can be seen as an inspirational role model for doing so.”

Channel 10 have already acquired the rights to the fight and an executive said a trans Mundine beating up a woman was guaranteed to attract huge numbers.

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  1. This bloke will do anything for media attention. Mundine, you CANNOT demand respect from the Australian public – you earn it. Do you think by riding on the fashionable transgender train this is the way to reignite your career? AND if you identified as a woman, then why comment that you liked the idea of beating up on women, instead of fighting them. You sound like a misogynistic, media-whore who will lose any respect people had for you. This includes me.

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