Google finds way to legally record every second of every private moment

Internet giant Google have found a way to record the conversations of everyday people by creating a device that helps them turn on lights and play music without having to leave their seats.

Google Home is the latest device to be released by the company and people flocked to the stores to give up their home privacy.

A Google spokesman, Notty Gud, said the device was the perfect way to surrender all privacy for the sake of a few nifty benefits.

“People are sick and tired of turning on light switches and manually typing in song choices so now they can simply shout it out and Google does it for them.”

“It used to require a warrant for such unprecedented access into a persons private life but now we can convince people to do it willingly.”

“All it takes is some creative advertising to tell them this will make them happier and their lives easier.”

Google recommends a device in the lounge room so they can hear your intimate conversations and a device in the bedroom so they can listen to your wife as she climaxes.

The devices will be easy to tap into by Governments and other faceless corporations but it is well known they have never misused their power and only want what’s best for the masses they control.