Violence against women now legal after trans woman allowed to play in woman’s AFL league

Australian men will now be allowed to elbow, push and tackle women to the ground with full force after the AFL gave clearance for a trans man to play in the female league.

The news comes after broad shouldered, adam appled, Hannah Mouncey, was given permission to go head to head with woman half her weight.

AFL general counsel, Andrew Dillion, said he had no choice but to allow Hannah to play or risk being called a trans phobic bigot.

“The online social media campaigners would have torn us to shreds if we didn’t completely suspend all logic and common sense in this instance”

“Every day we didn’t let her play was another day we were denying a brave, female hero from fulfilling her lifelong dream”

“And that’s not what we’re all about”

Woman bashers across the country also welcomed the news and praised the AFL for finally giving them an outlet for their violent acts toward women.

“I used to have to throw my woman around in the privacy of my home but thanks to this weird political correctness I can now beat them up on an AFL field.”

“As long as I say I identify as a female then in the eyes of the law we’re just a couple of gals having a cat fight”

Hannah’s psychical strength will be on full display during her first trial game this weekend and fans are excited to watch her brush off opposing females like they’re chihuahuas yapping at the ankles of King Kong.

6 Comments on “Violence against women now legal after trans woman allowed to play in woman’s AFL league”

    1. So a few women get their skulls crushed, or legs and arms broken by this “woman” player, as long as the SJW gods are appeased, tough tittie ladies, you brought this on yourselves!

  1. What a load of rubbish. (Beat up)

    I do agree that it’s possible that a trans person could be bigger that an average women, yet that is not always so.

    This issue is already being played out in junior football where boys of some nationalities can be much bigger than other boys in the sport. In fact it also happens in girls sports.

    This report is suggesting that a man who has a desire to attack women will use it to get in a women’s sports team and then go about his pleasures.
    Trouble is, before doing that to qualify as trans he will endure years of medical accessmrnt and his fidhing tackle will be coming off. Seriously ????

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