Male feminist wondering how long does he have to agree with women until he gets laid

For the past 6 months Davey Thompson has attended every meeting of his local feminist group.

With passionate speeches he has denounced the evils of the male gender and held himself up as an exception.

He’s held back tears as he announced that he is a shining light among the scum and how he’s sick and tired of men not being just like him.

But it’s starting to grow thin.

“How much longer am I going to have say all this man hating stuff before one of these broads blows me?”

“I mean just last week I told them all that I’m ashamed of myself and my gender”

“They all tell me I’m a hero and I’m not like the other pigs but I always thought heroes were up to their necks in pussy”

Davey was born with neither looks or personality and he knew from a young age that the only way he would get attention from women was being the “nice guy”.

“I sit there and agree with everything they say. I even tell them how funny they are”

“It’s bloody insane but a man can put up with an awful lot if there’s a chance of some action at the end of it”

The Times also spoke with Susie Wilder, a woman in Davey’s feminist group, and she confirmed everyone knew what his motives were but they kept him around as it adds credibility to their message.

“If we’ve got men saying other men are evil then how can anyone argue?”

“Why would he lie?”

8 Comments on “Male feminist wondering how long does he have to agree with women until he gets laid”

    1. we have a poor mangina and we have disgusting feminists using a desperate guy for their cause.

      god I hate those feminists…

  1. Truth is – women want to fuck dudes who are deemed hard to get and who will fulfil their dirty fantasies in bed.

    Make yourself agreeable and available to all their needs, fancies and moods just makes you a boring twat. And women don’t wanna fuck boring twats.

  2. Gahaha! well boyo, since you are dealing with feminists here, my guess is NEVER, so better start saving up for a sexdoll, you poor, poor betamale.

  3. Where the hell am I?
    What is this crap?
    Do those other comments assume this is a real story?
    Are they really that stupid, or are they trolling?
    This is a waste of Internet space that could be better used for Sonic fan made character drawings.

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