Marriage counselor being sued after refusing to see gay couple

A Sydney marriage counselor is being sued for refusing to give counseling to a recently married gay couple because he believes they brought the whole thing on themselves.

Psychologist Tim Robbins has spent nearly 25 years providing therapy to married couples and knows first hand what a difficult and unpleasant experience marriage can be.

Because of this he has no sympathy for gay couples who he believes “have no one to blame but themselves”

“No one forced gay people to get married and now that it hasn’t worked out they want me to step in and fix it”

“They had a perfectly good system but now they realise that gay marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”

“I’m sorry but this is what they get for wanting to be part of an outdated government contract that’s disguised as love”

The couple who filed the lawsuit, Jason Stephens and Steven Lawrence, said they decided to sue Mr Robbins for discrimination after they sought help for their 2 month old failing marriage.

“We went to him for help but he told us he had enough trouble dealing with straight couples and didn’t want to add gays to his client base just yet” Mr Stephens said.

“In a way we understand because this marriage has been the worst thing that’s happened to the both of us. We thought it was going to be all happiness and celebrations but we need marriage therapy desperately”

Mr Stephens also said that although the lawsuit would be tough it was easier than getting out of a Government contract like marriage.

“Up until a few months ago I could’ve just packed up my stuff and left but now I need to get lawyers involved. Plus divorce papers and then I need the Government’s permission as well”

“That’s why we want therapy. It’s much easier than all the paperwork and hassle of a divorce”

“I wish I could pack up and leave like the good old days”