Muslim woman asks husband’s permission to speak before saying she loves to wear a burqa

Fatima Ahmad came to Australia over 15 years ago and quickly settled in to the Australian way of life while continuing to wear her traditional Arab head dress.

Now with the burqa debate frequently popping up due to Pauline Hanson’s need for attention, Fatima is in a perfect position to explain what makes wearing it so appealing.

“I love wearing it to be honest. Especially out in the Western Suburbs of Sydney on a hot summer’s day when the temperature climbs above 40”

“It’s all about freedom really, and nothing says freedom like wearing a giant sack everywhere because my religious leaders tell me to.”

Although the issue is about freedom in Australia, Fatima says it’s not quite the same thing in the Middle East.

“We came from Iran where it was against the law not to wear a Hijab. Same in Saudi Arabia. In Sudan they whip you for not wearing it and ISIS used to stone women to death if they didn’t cover their heads.”

“In fact most Muslim countries will punish you for not wearing it but it’s nice to come to Australia where I’m free to wear it”

“It’s nice to live in a country where I’m free to do whatever my husband and religious leaders force me to do”

It’s hard to argue with anything Fatima says but The Times would like to add that if you had to choose between wearing a giant sack every where or not wearing a giant sack everywhere, most people would choose not to.

Unless something was forcing you to.