Self professed Queen still single despite constantly going on about what a catch she is

Looking at Jasmine Simons you can see she has everything she thinks a man wants.

Big set of fake Thailand titties, big fake lips full of Botox and a fake tan that covers her from head to toe.

But despite Jasmine’s fake appearance the main complaint in the Instagram model’s life is her inability to find a real man.

She wants a King, one who will sweep in and treat her like the Queen she believes herself to be.

“I’m a catch” she tells us from the beach side location where she’s just finished a photo shoot involving her getting down on all fours and splashing in the water like a dog.

“But for some reason I can’t find a guy who isn’t interested in only one thing”

“When men see my ass and titties hanging out all over the place they instantly think I’m just some bimbo they’re entitled to drool over but I’m more than that”

“In my head I’m one of the most captivating women in the world”

Despite her beliefs, Jasmine still struggles to keep a man interested once the ass and titties have worn off.

Her best friend, Jessica Long, has her own theories as to why this may be.

“Well, every time she sees a dick she jumps on it like a war hero jumping on a hand grenade. Regardless of whether she’s seeing anyone at the time or not”

“I mean no guy in is right mind would want to wife her but for some reason she thinks no man is good enough for her”

“It’s a weird combination. Almost like she’s deeply insecure and highly confident at the same time”

Ms Long also said that despite Jasmine’s inability to maintain a relationship she never considers it has anything to do with her.

“She believes her tits, ass and lips are all perfect and that means she is too”