All of Hollywood wins best supporting actress Oscar for sucking up to Weinstein for last 30 years

The whole of Hollywood has taken out the Best Supporting Actress award for their work in “30 years of pretending to like Harvey Weinstein for the sake of a movie part.”

Judges hailed the actresses for the masterful display of acting it took to like Weinstein, and also praised them for how far they were willing to go to be the next Hollywood star.

Meryl Streep accepted the award on behalf of the other actresses and said it was a difficult role to play but worth the effort.

“Liking Harvey was always a difficult role but Hollywood is a dirty industry and we all have to do dirty things for the sake of our craft”

“Many women were even so dedicated to the part that they were willing to blow him in order to get it”

“In fact, for every woman who turned him down there was 999 waiting at his door willing to do anything to be cast in his next movie”

“This lead him to becoming a kind of demented but powerful sex fiend who knew he was the most powerful man in Hollywood”

Once described as a god by Ms Streep, Weinstein has since fallen out of favour with the Hollywood elite after he tried to sleep with women he invited to his hotel room at 2am.

“I only called him a god when it served my career to do so. Of course I’d heard the rumours about him but I wasn’t going to burn my bridges based on rumours”

“Now that the stories have come out I’ve got no choice but to denounce him and the louder I denounce him the more angelic I am”

Actresses are already working on a sequel to the Weinstein role entitled “Pretending to be holy in a world full of pigs”