Best way to raise women up is to subtlely beat them down

Today is International Women’s Day with women all across the world celebrating what it means to be a woman in a modern world.

Australian Minister for Women Kelly O’Dwyer said it was a important day as society needs to keep telling women that success is harder to come by because of their gender.

“We need to celebrate our success because we aren’t meant to be successful due to it being so much harder for us”

“And we need to keep reinforcing that if a woman isn’t successful it’s because there’s all these obstacles in their way that only they encounter”

The Minister also said it was important that women had an excuse to fall back on in case they encountered failure on their way to success.

“We need to keep telling women they are victims and oppressed and that if they fail it’s because the world is against them”

“Although it’s not entirely correct.”

“The odds aren’t stacked against them anymore and the only thing holding most women back these days is themselves and their determination”

“But that being said it’s important to give them their special day to remind them of how hard they’ve got it”