If you don’t think Islam is amazing there’s something wrong with you

Research by a world renowned Australian professor has proven that anyone who criticises Islam is a bigot and any scrutiny of the religion is intolerant hatred.

Professor Tim Watkins has spent decades researching the subject and said Islam was off limits due to fact that Muslims fell into the minority category.

“Muslims are like women or black people or gays. If you criticise those groups then you’re sexist or racist or homophobic. Well if you criticise Islam you’re Islamophobic”

“Simple as that really”

“And if you think that Muslims should maybe tone down some of their beliefs about women, gays, apostates, cartoonists or infidels then you are the equivalent of a Nazi”

Professor Watkins’s research has been widely accepted by most people in society and his advice is that we should all keep going this way even if you disagree with his findings.

“If you were to say anything negative about Mohammad in the Middle East there’s a chance you’d be killed before too long”

“And don’t go saying anything in Australia because my research proves you’ll be called a nasty Islamophobe and no one wants that”

“Best to not say anything”