#putoutyourbroccoli trends after world’s greatest vegetable passes

Thousands of people around the world have put out their broccoli in remembrance of Stephen Hawking, the genius Astrophysicists who passed away today.

The hashtag #putoutyourbroccoli quickly gained momentum on twitter in a sign he was truly someone worth mourning.

Twitter user Biggdog86 was among the first to take part in the touching tribute to the great man and said it was just one small thing he could do to draw attention to his sadness.

“When i heard the news i knew i had to do something. I had to let everyone know that i was feeling upset about this and draw attention to myself”

“When i saw that all i had to do was put out some broccoli on my front porch and take a photo i jumped at the chance”

“My followers have let me know they are here for me if i need them”

Tributes poured in from all over the world with many leaders praising Mr Hawking’s contributions to the world’s of science and space.

For those unaware of his work, Hawking was well known for advancing the human race a little closer towards the stars and he’ll be sorely missed.

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  1. Hawking was a notorious Jew hater and often slandered Israel just for existing, well I never speak ill of the dead, Steven Hawking is dead, good!

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