Greens say South African farmers must be slaughtered to prove Australia isn’t racist

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has weighed in on South African visa issue today saying it’s further proof of how “racist” Australia and the Government is.

Di Natale accused Mr Dutton of being an out-and-out racist while also praising his own party for their stance on the matter.

“Here at The Greens we believe Australia is a dirty, racist country and if these South Africans aren’t slaughtered then you are only proving our point”

“They need to stay and die otherwise we are right and in politics the only thing that matters is if you’re right”

“Ask yourself what’s more important. The lives of these South Africans or the belief that Australia is racist? We believe Australia is racist and that idea must be protected.”

“The farmers can look after themselves.”

The Times also spoke to UQ Professor and racism expert John Thorpe.

“It’s a very interesting situation. People like The Greens need to use this situation to prove they are not racist. They say the white South Africans need to stay and get slaughtered just like the brown people had to stay and get slaughtered. Then they can turn around and say “see how I’m not racist?”

“But of course someone who isn’t racist doesn’t feel the need to go around proving it all the time”

“It’s almost like they know they have low key racist thoughts and they are terrified someone will find out so they constantly go around trying to prove how non racist they are”

“It’s like the homophobic preacher who turns out to be blowing other men in truck stop bathrooms. Or an ex deputy PM who criticises other people’s family values while banging his staffer and getting her pregnant”

“But the truth is only white people fight among themselves to prove how non racist they are”

“Regardless of who is dying”

22 Comments on “Greens say South African farmers must be slaughtered to prove Australia isn’t racist”

  1. The triangle is a dead giveaway!! This a a masonic party, Freemasonry is the gradual and systematic indoctrination and conditioning into the priesthood of Mystery Babylon, True satanism and/or lucifarianism. Only the devils own would call for the violent slaughter of a God-Fearing Christian group. It doesnt matter though. There is NOTHING they can do to us, that is worse, than what awaits them, behind the veil of eternity. No, not even torture and death is worse than that. Eternity is a very, very long time without ceasing. Well deserved no less because they are terribly wicked and evil.

  2. I cannot believe there is such dumb people in Australia who would vote for this idiot. If you voted for the greens you should be ashamed .

  3. READ THE QUOTES IN THIS ARTICLE CAREFULLY. If they are correct I can easily suggest who should be slaughtered and if not slaughtered then at least provided a blindfold and a spot against a wall. One clue, a colour and its not red or blue, you guessed it GREEN !!!….. What a bunch of inhumane warped despicable assholes they are.

    1. in my way of thinking people who vote for any green mob are anti -Australian and are half- if not total idiots! How could anybody take these people serious?

  4. What’s happening in S.A. is population replacement and it will happen all around the World in the coming years. The murder and land acquisition without compensation, that white people are suffering, will happen to all white people eventually as we become outnumbered. These white S.A. farmers are in a dire situation and need essential immediate help, or they will quite literally die. How dare that THING, Di Natale, accuse Australia of being racist when his comments are the vilest racist cold blooded words I have ever heard spoken by any so-called “leader”.

    1. You’re right on all counts Jo. This man & his awful party are confounded idiots. Have you read the Greens manifesto? It is truly frightening.

  5. It is a known fact that being a South African farmer is even more dangerous than an American soldier fighting in Afghanistan.

  6. QUOTE… “It’s almost like they know they have low key racist thoughts and they are terrified someone will find out so they constantly go around trying to prove how non racist they are”……… It’s called ‘Reaction Formation.’ Most Virtue Signaling is indicative of deep emotional dysfunction and Most finger pointing is indicative of projection and often times reaction formation. In short – They ARE sick! There is a deep fundamental psycho-emotional illness coursing through the veins of western society.

  7. go farm , you lazy politician , and , blacks are also slaugtered by the government you helped suppress us

  8. If i was a proud Australian citizen and any one of natali and his followers standing behind there, satan[and he knows he is from the seed line of satan] leader calling for murder,now matter what he/she will no longer be welcome in my house, and i will let them know that we are not friends any more.
    But to you Australian people that cares and now know the truth A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  9. When do the Greens all get together to have a meeting all in one place? Would be a good opportunity for someone to show them how the Greens must all stay and be slaughtered…..makes sense to me!

  10. No it proves the point that greens are indeed out of touch and mis-guided fools with a really messed up moral compass and sense of whats really impoetant to australia…clearly whats best is certainly not the greens

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