Inspirational feminist Clementine Ford victim blamed for the rise of men’s rights activists

In an absolutely appalling case of victim blaming, inspirational feminist Clementine Ford has been labelled as the leading cause of men’s rights groups across Australia.

Shining a light on how evil and abusive men are with inspirational quotes like “all men are rapists” has lead to Ms Ford being described as a perfect role model for young women across Australia.

Not being able to cope with a beautiful, strong woman finally telling it like is has lead to a rise in men’s rights groups, according to psychologist Tracey Brimmer.

“What we’ve found is that the average young man doesn’t even have the decency to admit they are part of the problem and agree with everything Ms Ford says” Dr Brimmer confirmed.

Although it’s well known in society how misogynistic and vile men can be, Dr Brimmer says it only goes one way.

“It’s actually impossible for a woman to hate men. That’s not something that exists in our society.”

“Hatred of men is actually brave and courageous and we need to celebrate the women who are willing to openly display their hatred towards men.”

“This is what will lead to better relationships between the sexes.”

Dr Brimmer also said misogynist’s were rampant in modern society but misandrists, or women who hate men, aren’t a problem because misandry is inspirational.

“No one has even heard of a misandrist. All I hear are inspirational women finally given a voice to air the anger and bitterness they feel towards males for not doing exactly what they wanted”

Sydney men’s rights activist (MRA), John Stevos, said it was true he joined his group in order fight back against the ideas of women like Clementine Ford.

“I didn’t like what those women were saying so I joined this group. But now there’s a new group of women who don’t like us and they say we’re the problem for not liking them.”

“Luckily there’s another group rising up to fight the people who don’t like us”

“That should solve the problem”

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  1. Early feminists openly fought for female supremacy, talking about it whenever they got a chance. Later feminists decided to cover up these facts so they could push their ruse…which was still supremacy, just masked as equality. But try to get a feminist or even a woman in general, to agree to the tenets of true 50/50 equality with men by necessity, (must include equal responsibilities) and you’ll be charged with “hating” women.

    With that said, is it any wonder, having feminists stand directly in the way of true equality and men’s rights—inhibiting and even prohibiting when they can—that MRA’s came into being? So it is not Clementine’s fault no more than it is the fault of all feminists. They must share the honor.

    If I am wrong, then move out of the way and let true 50/50 equality flourish.

  2. Ford isn’t the cause, she’s merely a symptom. Not only is misandry real, it gets men killed, you can count the dead in the tens of thousands and you can identify the killers.

    I will give you the example of my own country Canada. In 1968 no fault divorce was introduced, the suicide rate for men doubled, the rate is not only twice that for divorced men, but higher for the sons of divorced men as well. There are 3000 males suicides per year in Canada, and less than 2000 family court judges. So for each year that a family court judge serves on the bench on average he or she will preside over the divorce of at least one man who will go on to kill himself, and the judges know this. But that’s just the average, some judges may be lucky enough to never have a suicide on their conscience, what about the judges with triple the average. That means a family court judge in Canada could have driven 60 men to kill themselves using administrative violence over 20 years. Compelling a person to commit suicide is a crime, a teen girl was convicted for persuading a teen boy to do it last year. What this also means is that since 1968 no fault divorce has killed more Canadian men than the second world war. Nobody cares because they’re just men, and they will continue not caring for another 50 years and another 50,000 additional dead over and above what the suicide rate was before no fault divorce was introduced.

    1. Gotta confess, I was taken in by this site initially, as per my initial posting. Problem is, the Stockton Times stories are ALL over the top. Now, I see over the top news stories all the time on news sites, but it’s usually just one or two of the stories, not every single one of them. Whenever they’re legitimate over the top news stories you will see them aired on dozens of other news sites. So why isn’t that the case with every single Stockton Times story. Then there’s the dearth of citations, this is April fools day in March, incredible time effort put into creating this spoof site, full credit to the jokers, took me in hook line and sinker.

  3. And sometimes psychologist’s make their choice of profession because they think they’ll be able to heal themselves…
    In Tracey Brimmer’s case, I highly recommend her to go see a real professional.

  4. She’s not beautiful. Strong? Maye she can list a bag of potatoes but so what? Fake News.

    Its all the frauds of feminism (and other “critical theory” “deconstruction” nut-cults, “dass waysess”) that is causing the Men’s Rights Movement to increase, and increase, and increase . . . And the issue, the issues, the issues . . . See”The Red Pill Movie. PERIOD.

  5. Women owe it to themselves to be so inspirational. Men prance around never having to experience anything negative in life. It’s such an inspiration to see such beautiful people making such an effort to play tit-for-tat against the oppression of men. Women get to dominate now and hurt, oppress and trample men because is only fair. Making men cry every day will only make society stronger. I am inspired to develop and increase a vile hatred of men just so I can be like our dear Clem. Teach me, Clem, how to let the hate flow through me!

    1. The prank news about the Australian Greens endorsing white genocide in S. Africa was also a good one. It’s only because the link to this fake site got on a legit site that I commented in the first place. Then I went back and scanned the other fake articles here. A lot of effort for a small number of people taken in for a very short time. Unfortunately for Feminists, you are still being taken in by the free bleeding and slut walk hoaxes.

  6. Whew! For a moment my blood pressure went wild, then I realised, yes, it’s obviously a parody. What a relief.

  7. “Inspirational?” Give me a frickin break. How about “Psychotic, Man-hater!” She is not a victim, she is the victimizer! Read some of her feminist rants then come back and tell us how abused she is!

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