Straight white male kidding himself if he thinks he can stop feeling guilty just yet

Melbourne man Steve Reynolds was indoctrinated from an early age into the belief that being black or being a woman instantly meant you were oppressed and being white instantly meant life was a breeze.

Despite not being able to see any barriers in society that prevented women and minorities from studying and achieving their goals, Steve believed what he was told.

“I never really understood it because my dad was a mechanic and my mum was a cleaner and we were poor as hell growing up but in reality I was rich because of my balls and milky white skin”

“It was confusing because they told me race and gender didn’t matter but then they’d constantly sort us into groups based on our race and gender.”

“Growing up I was always told that I belonged to the white race and this meant I was guilty just for existing. My black friends were told they were victims just for existing and this created a weird divide between us.”

“It was psychologically damaging for both sides”

World renowned psychologist Tracey Brimmer, who also spoke to us earlier about Clementine Ford, said Steve was obviously suffering from some pretty serious mental health issues.

“Yeah that kid is crazy as hell”

“The only thing that matters is your gender or the colour of your skin”

“You are not an individual. You are part of a group that has the same coloured skin or the same genitals and you must always think the same way as the people in that group”

“If you’re black you must always identify as a black person first and a human being second. And you must always think the way a black person is supposed to think”

“Same with women. You are a woman, first and foremost. This is what defines you and you must stick together and think the way your female leaders tell you to think”

“Otherwise the white men win”

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  1. white, european background, middle aged chrsitian, cis hetrosexual im the closest thing to satan

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