Cricket world rejoices at news Australia actually cheats

The cricketing world has broken out in wild celebration today at the news that the Australia team has been found guilty of cheating in their current test match against South Africa.

Indian fans likened the news to their famous 2011 world cup win with celebrations spilling into the streets and continuing long into the night.

One Indian fan said he had been trolling the Facebook pages of Cricket Australia for years and was thrilled to finally be proven right.

“I’ve always said the Aussie’s were nothing more than convict cheats and now there’s proof” said Harmat Singh from the Indian capital.

“Tendulkar has always been better than Bradman” he shouted before getting swept up in the throng.

Long held dislike of their Pakistani neighbours was even forgotten with fans from both countries seen embracing rapturously throughout the overflowing streets of the subcontinent.

“Nothing unites our countries more than our hatred of the Australian cricket team” said Pakistani Hamid Afzal while tears of joy streamed down his cheeks.

“This could be just the thing to bring us closer to our Indian brothers”

The celebrations were not limited to fans in the subcontinent with English fans and the barmy army gleeful at the ammunition they had been provided with ahead of next years Ashes in England.

The captain’s of New Zealand and England, who are currently playing a test match in Auckland, decided to shake hands and call their match a draw, adding “There can be no losers today”