Local man fully supports feminist girlfriend’s decision to stop shaving underarms and legs

For the last few months Stacey Campbell has been brushing up on her feminist literature.

And while casually browsing through all that great female writing she came to the realisation that body hair was a symbol of patriarchal oppression.

She now sports a thick, all over carpet that keeps her warm in a cold, male dominated world that constantly tries to bring her down.

And it’s a look her sensitive new age guy, Brad (28), is thrilled with.

“I absolutely love it. She’s like this fierce grizzly bear that I get to cuddle up with each night” he told us while checking on the muffins he was baking Stacey for her upcoming birthday.

“I especially enjoy it when she wraps her strong, hairy arms and legs around me and I feel all that feminine strength brush against me”

Although Brad has accepted that Stacey is now the hairy one in their relationship, it’s not something that bothers him.

“I was never able to grow body hair so it kind of worked out well in a way. There’s guys out there who might be threatened or intimidated by a woman who’s hairier but it’s good to have at least one person in the relationship who is capable of it”

“Plus I think it looks sexy hey”

Stacey then lectured Brad on how she didn’t do it to be sexy and that she was his girlfriend, not some object he was supposed to find sexually attractive.

Brad fully supported that idea as well.