Man wins argument in head

For the last 45 minutes a group of university students with nothing better to do and an actual interest in politics have been arguing about the economy.

Despite the group being barely out of their teens and their understanding of economics limited to the amount of allowance they receive from their parents, they considered themselves experts.

Jeremy Downer, from Brisbane’s southeast, was hotly involved and considered himself the most educated of the lot as he had once read the back cover of The Barefoot Investor.

“We need to tax the rich more in order to help the poor in our society” was his understanding of the situation and he let the group know.

“Umm have you not heard of trickle down economics?” was the response from one opponent.

Jeremy was flustered. He had not heard of trickle down economics.

He had no answer. He was sure his opponent was wrong (how could he not be?) but words failed him and defeat tasted gross.

His closest friends avoided his eyes and stared into the froth of their lattes with embarrassment.

But that was only round one.

Round 2 played out in Jeremy’s head for the next six hours and although it was a close battle, he eventually triumphed.

Having googled trickle down economics when he arrived home and replaying the event over and over again in his head he eventually came up with the perfect response.

“Umm have you not heard of trickle down economics?”

“Yeah i have actually. But didn’t the International Monetary Fund prove it only helps the rich get richer?”

“Yeah didn’t the International Monetary Fund did prove it only helps the rich get richer!” The crowd all acknowledged in unison.

It was a zinger. It was his opponent’s turn to be speechless. The women all looked at him with lust and the men were full of fear and respect.

“Checkmate” Jeremy said to himself, before remembering to be humble in victory and reminding his opponent there was no shame in losing an argument to someone with such a superior intellect.

His opponent bowed while saying thanks, just as the crowd swept him up and carried him away on their shoulders.