Melbourne intellectual proves his genius by calling Trump an idiot

A Melbourne man has proven his intelligence among his group of friends today by proclaiming U.S. President Donald Trump to be nothing but a bumbling idiot.

Tony Miller, from the suburb of Fitzroy, made the bold declaration while enjoying brunch with his equally intelligent friends.

Recycling jokes from late night comedian hacks was all it took for Tony to prove he was smarter than the American rednecks who do nothing but drink beer and fantasise about sleeping with their sisters.

“That cheese haired cowboy is such an idiot” Tony told his friends and they all agreed, for it had been a long time since they had ever had anything so disturbing as a disagreement.

“Not like us cultured Melbournites drinking out of jam jars and sitting on milk crates contemplating jazz”

Everyone seemed to agree with that as well.

“I can’t understand how Americans can be so dumb. Even I’m smarter than Trump and he’s the most powerful man in the world”

“I can’t even imagine how smart that must make me”

Although Tony has no doubts about the brilliance of his opinions, his father, Mr Steve Miller, has a slightly different take.

“Nah he’s an idiot.”

“He watches 10 second clips of Trump doing something dumb and swallows it whole. Same way he swallowed the idea of Obama being hip and cool because he saw 10 second clips of him playing basketball and sinking hoops.”

“For some reason all these people calling Trump an idiot actually believe they’re smarter than him”

“While they sit on milk crates and contemplate jazz”