Young boy can’t wait to grow old and tell grand kids he saw Mack Horton win gold

When ten year old Tyson Holder saw Mack Horton win gold at the Commonwealth Games last night he knew he’d been a part of something special.

Watching from the grandstand with his parents and grandparents, Tyson knew that one day he too would grow old, and that this moment would stay with him until the day he dies.

He could already picture himself seated next to a fire, weary from the burden of life, while young children tugged at his sleeves and begged him to tell the tale of the victorious Aussie’s at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

He would do so willingly as he considered the event to be one of the most important in his life.

“I was there kid”

“I was there way back in 2018 when Mack Horton overcame the Namibian’s and the Rwandan’s to take the gold”

“A proud swimming nation, those Namibian’s”

“But they proved no match for Mack who had been whipped into swimming fast since he was 7 years old”

The children continued listening to the tales before curling up at their Grandfather’s feet and slowly being lulled into sleep by the monotonous stories of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Just like everyone watching in the present.