Aboriginal issues solved after protesters blame their problems on everyone but themselves

Aboriginal protesters have continued to rally during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to protest the invasion by the English settlers in 1788.

Organisers of the march said they were hoping to draw international attention to Australia’s colonial history and the social injustices experienced by Aboriginal people.

When asked if their energy could be better applied by helping combat the large amounts of alcohol fueled crime and abuse in Aboriginal communities, protest leader Garry Wilton was unenthusiastic.

“What good will that do? Why should we work towards fixing our communities when we can blame our problems on the actions of English settlers 250 years ago?”

“This land is stolen and if you give us what we want and give it back to us then all our problems regarding alcohol and crime will go away”

“Why is that so hard to understand?”

Bond University Professor and full blown racist Tracey Brimmer, said that although the protests were a welcome distraction from the actual Games they were unlikely to lead to any real changes.

“Most people are smart enough to realise that a lot of the problems in Aboriginal communities are caused by the abuse of drugs and alcohol and the break down of families as a result”

“But a lot of people then go on and make an excuse like “yeah but the white man treated them badly in the past and that’s why things are bad now”

“As soon as you say something like “yeah but” you’re making excuses rather than acknowledging the actual problem and it’s almost impossible to fix a problem when no one acknowledges it or continues to blame it on something else”

“Yeah but”