47 year old mum on cruise jumps overboard after realising she’s a 47 year old mum on cruise

New revelations have emerged about the woman who fell overboard on the Pacific Dawn last Friday with Police confirming the woman jumped from the upper deck.

Earlier reports of the woman being swept overboard were quickly dismissed by P and O officials as an incident like that would have been a bad look for the cruise-liner

Whereas a woman who would rather jump overboard than spend one more minute on a cruise doesn’t look quite as bad.

Officials quickly released CCTV footage which show the exact moments the Brisbane woman realises she’s surrounded by hundreds of people who all believe getting drunk on a giant boat and sleeping in a tiny cabin was a good way to spend a week.

The whooping and the hollering of the masses as they stumbled through their idea of fun is believed to have been the final straw for the woman.

Queensland Police Inspector Todd Graham said after viewing the footage there was no doubt the woman had jumped and it was obvious she was in her right mind for doing so.

“You can see it clear as day on the cameras.” he said.

“She looks up from her uncomfortable pool side chair where the bimbo’s and the bozo’s had been frolicking all day.”

“And something snaps in her and she realises she’s no better than them. She’s a cruise ship passenger just like they are and all of a sudden the bottom of the ocean no longer seemed like such a lonely place.”

“It must’ve been a horrible gathering of humanity onboard that ship but at least she had the common decency to throw herself overboard when she realised she was one of them”

“God bless her.”