Seedy old man who lives in Bali prides himself on being more than just a tourist

56 year old Peter Little rolled his eyes when he heard the young Australian sitting opposite him in the Bali bar was only there for a short vacation.

With his rolling eyes not getting any attention he decided to scoff like an old, scraggly horse no one cares about anymore, leaving the young Australian no choice but to ask him about his background.

“Me? I live here mate” he said loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Came over after the wife and kids left and I needed to feel like a man again”

“I’m telling ya. These Asian broads really know how to treat a guy. They can teach the woman back home a thing or two about love”

“They don’t nag you over here. Every night I can find all the love I need cause every street worker from Bangkok to Bali wants to be with me”

It had been a long time since anyone had willingly listened to anything Peter had to say and this resulted in the habit of him talking so loud that people had no choice but to hear.

After boasting how he wasn’t some fly in, fly out tourist he changed the subject to his resentment for the young who only come over to have fun.

“You guys only ruin it. This place is supposed to be for old people trying to re-live their youth. Not for young people trying to enjoy theirs”

It was at this moment 2 hookers attached themselves to Peter and began stroking the bloated, sagging belly that threatened to break free from the Hawaiian shirt barely held in place by 2 brave buttons.

Peter waved them away and said he’d already had enough love for the day.