Idiotic belief in karma only thing stopping this woman from being a bitch

33 year old free spirit Stacey Chapman doesn’t even bat an eyelid when she tells you the only reason she treats people well is from fear of something bad happening if she doesn’t.

Although currently living in Brisbane’s West End, Ms Chapman says she discovered her spiritual beliefs in Bali, a place she goes every year to “feed her soul”

Her living room is testament to her beliefs with picture frames reminding her to “EAT, PRAY, LOVE” while other posters stress how important it is to “dance like no one is watching.”

So what is karma exactly?

“It’s pretty simple really” she tells us while sipping on freshly made cup of herbal tea, organically sourced.

“The universe watches every little thing you do and when you help people you get rewarded and when you do the wrong thing you get punished.”

“I don’t know why but I’ve never really liked the idea of being good just because it’s the right thing to do.”

“I need something more than that. I need the fear of punishment or the hope that I will get some sort of reward in return.”

Although she picked up the deeply spiritual beliefs in Indonesia, a country where millions of children are born into extreme poverty, Ms Chapman says it’s easy to apply them to life back in Australia.

“Every time I get back from Bali I always feel like I’ve grown a little bit. Something about that places changes you. Makes you realise how important you are in the universe.”

“And it’s so cheap. That’s the other thing. You can get pampered like a queen and the locals only want a few dollars”

Although the locals she passes on the way to her way to her 5 star villa are poor, it’s obvious to her that they must’ve been real cunts in the womb considering they were born with such bad karma.