Man does charity run to raise awareness of himself and how good he is

Everyone knows that Brisbane man John Simpson cares deeply about the plight of people suffering from cancer.

While most people only care enough to donate a few dollars here and there, John has always been different.

He cared so much that he woke up one day and realised he was willing to exercise for the cure.

It was perfect as it combined two of his favourite things, jogging and telling people about his good deeds.

“I’ve always loved telling people about my charity work” he says while showing us the photos of his achievements from previous fun runs.

“Everyone knows that. Everyone at work knows. All my family know. My social media friends know. Everyone knows I’m a charitable guy.”

“That’s why every year I forget about my own life for awhile and I go out and raise close to $90 for cancer research”

“I have to really push people into giving me donations but that’s why I love it.”

“It’s so out in the open and you have to constantly let everyone know how good you are by reminding them they can support you”

John doesn’t just bring it up constantly or ask for donations because he gets a kick out of it, no, he brings it up because he’s helping cancer patients and there’s something very noble about that when you really think about it.

There’s a real selflessness to it.

John’s loving wife, Georgia Maree, smiles from across the room while he recounts his charitable exploits.

“That’s why I married him” she tells us.

“He’s always thinking of the suffering of others.”

“And how he can use it to make it to make himself look good”