Dutton says women haven’t been this scared to go out since apex gangs ran riot

Peter Dutton has come out and said he hasn’t seen the streets of Melbourne this quiet since the African Apex gang members controlled the city not so long ago.

The home affairs Minister weighed into the debate regarding women’s safety after he sensed a perfect opportunity to divide the community once again by making one group of people hate another.

“It doesn’t really matter who we blame as long as it gets everyone fighting.” he said.

“And something like this is perfect because we can say all women need to be more careful or all men need to re-consider raping.”

“And then both sides feel attacked and need to defend themselves and around and around we go because no side is entirely right and no side is entirely wrong.”

Mr Dutton also said he’d learnt a thing or two from earlier in the year when he blamed Africans for people not wanting to leave the house due to safety concerns.

“I’ve learnt the best thing to get people hating each other is fear because it always leads to hate. If we can make women so scared that they don’t want to be around men then they will eventually hate them.”

“And that seems to be what this debate is all about. Two sides using this death as an excuse to prove the misguided opinions they have of each other”

On the feminist side is Tiffany Jones who said she too knows what it’s like to be scared to walk the streets of Melbourne these days.

“Something about that rape and murder really reminded me of the time I was walking home and a group of bogan teenagers yelled “nice tits” from a passing VT commodore” she said.

“It’s almost identical to this situation”

“Can you see how it comes from the exact same place? That one directly leads to the other? It all falls into the same category of sexual assault”

“And women can’t even leave the house without being sexually assaulted these days”

While on the men’s side is Dylan Walker who will never understand what it’s like to walk alone at night and fear that someone will grab you off the streets and violate you in such a way that you are never the same person again.

Except for in Tasmania where those hillbilly bumpkins still do that kind of thing.