Is the world getting smaller or has Clive Palmer gotten fatter?

Business expert and meme enthusiast Clive Palmer has announced a return to politics this week with his new political party the United Australia Party.

The move has led many people to question whether it’s sign of the current world we live in.

Experts believe the world is getting smaller, more closed off. Women are blaming men for everything, men are blaming women for everything.

It’s Labor’s fault, it’s the Liberal’s fault and in the midst of all this Clive Palmer has sniffed out an opportunity like a truffle pig.

One voter, Steve Turner, from Clive’s former electorate of Fairfax said he was undecided if he’d support Mr Palmer.

“On the one hand he has good memes and like biscuits but on the other hand he has a terrible record of mismanaging his businesses and exploiting his workers” Mr Turner said.

“It’s obvious right?”

“Why am I even tempted?”

“I understanding we’re becoming closed off. Disillusioned with the major parties and retreating into bubbles but does that mean I’m going to vote for that bloated hog?”

“Has the world gotten that small?”

“Or are the fat just getting fatter while they squeeze the average person into tight corners where they can be more easily manipulated”

“Who knows? He says he’s doing all this for me”

“Maybe he’s just a kind, old, rich man who only wants to enter politics to help the little guy”

“That’s why Turnbull quit his multi million dollar job and entered politics right?”