Justice warrior hands in his beret after realising he causes more problems than he solves

Tim Scutter’s famous green beret has been with him through many a battle.

He remembers wearing it during the great cafe debate of 2014 where he and 4 other like minded, identical individuals discussed whether you can ever have too many pronouns.

That debate went late into the night and ended like they always did, with the group wondering when the rest of the world was going to catch up to them.

It also sat proudly atop his head every year while marching on behalf of Aboriginals on Australia Day.

But last night Tim had a moment of clarity after he called someone a dirty racist on twitter only to wake up this morning and find the problem of Aboriginal inequality still existing.

And with that, he decided to retire the head wear that said far more about his political opinions than words ever could.

“I was too busy feeling good for denouncing so called racism that I didn’t realise I was the one standing in the way of the conversation that was going to help solve the problem.” he said somberly, with the thought of the head piece still sensitive.

“I didn’t realise that calling anyone who didn’t agree with me a racist only shut down debates and did far more harm than good”

“But I was confused and thought when people said Aboriginals were living in 3rd world squalor and committing more crimes than other groups they were actually saying that Aboriginals are shitty, poor criminals.”

“And I was damned if I was going to sit back and let the black people I pretend to care about be talked to like that.”

Tim also said he used to think the world was nothing more than black and white, only to realise things are far more complicated than that.

“I was wrong but I’m not a bad guy.”

“I”m just a moderately good guy who wanted to be seen as a hero and I thought denouncing that kind of thing made me one.”

“But now I realise that 50 years ago the do-gooders like myself went into Aboriginal communities and stole all the half caste children because they thought they were being heroes and helping them.”

“And we all know how that turned out”